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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après mike lovitt - August 27, 2016

The watchman persuades them all to stay and discuss the issue.
They agree that no one has to stay if they do not want to. But before any of them can follow their fancy they must make a replica of themselves to leave behind. The Watchman will place the replicas on top of each other to create a pole.
After a long sleep they set to work making their replicas.
It takes a long time for them to finish their work. and while they are working strong friendships develop between them.
At last all the replicas are finished. But when it comes to handing them over to the watchman so that he can make a pole none of them want to do it.They all want to stay close and maintain their friendships. None of them wants to leave.
They would rather like to make a pole.
The watchman suggests that they should
store the replicas in a secret cave. Then if at any time anyone of them wants to go on an adventure he can put his replica in his place and go off.
They all agree that this would be the best solution.
They hide their replicas and make a pole by climbing on to each others backs.
People say that if you stand by the pole at night and listen very carefully you can hear the Killer Whale,Owl, Raven,Beaver and Cormorant arguing about who will go where and when they will go. But the funny thing is that in the morning when you pass by the pole you will notice that they are all still there. Friends united.