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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après Sam Squires - July 26, 2016

Raven said: We are all spirit animals, and can show ourselves in both a material form and a spirit form. We will speak to a carver, about creating a piece that contains spirit and represents us all as the carving we once rested in did. We will have it erected here. When we want to rest here in the land, we can then rest in that carving. This will help us retain our roots in the land where we first existed. We will also tell the carver to make a full scale replica, with this wonderful new technology we have seen, and send it to the museum where we used to live. When we want to be admired by people our spirits can then visit that replica in for awhile. Finally, because we also have these physical forms, we can go into nature whenever we want to stretch our legs. So often as each part of our sculpture is formed separately, we each can come or leave as we will. So long as our carvings retain connectedness, we will still continue with parts of our essences always in the carving, so no part of it will ever feel separate or become separated, even while one or some of us are spending time in another place. It will be our home, and you always know you can go home whenever you want.

The other animals and the keeper all could see the wisdom in it, and saw that it was good. The carver was found, and the carving was made, and the spirits still rest there, in their home. In Ontario, the replica was placed, so that people could see the beauty, and whenever any of them needed to feel that kind of attention, they would visit for awhile. Finally, the land still sees and hears them in material form, sometimes, mostly when Raven sings to the sun in the day, and the moon in the night, as he dances on the starfields with the northern lights.