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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après MJRN - April 24, 2015

The argument grew more and more heated until Raven flew down from his branch, saying “we can figure this out! I am very surprised you all responded to my call, maybe I can help solve a few of your problems.”

“How are you going to help us? We all want to do something different,” asked Beaver.

“I have a few ideas,” said Raven. “Let me take you all on a short walk.”
“Where are you going to take us?” asked Cormorant.

“You will see,” Raven said. Raven took the animals on a short walk to a small village close by. There was a unfamiliar humming noise coming from the group of people. The village was also filled with lots of children dancing gracefully in a circle.

“What is that beautiful noise?” asked Owl.

“Maybe it is the ocean and the wind,” said Whale in response.

“This is the traditional drumming and dancing that the village does almost all the time, it is called a Feast,” exclaimed Raven.

“Oh yes a feast, I think I might have heard of one of these before,” said the Watchman. They all watched the people in pure amazement.

“I enjoy watching these people because it reminds me of our culture, that we are very lucky to have,” said Raven. When they got back to where the pole used to be Raven wanted to make a deal with all of them. “I have a deal for you,” said Raven. “If you all agree to stand on the totem for one week, you can get a break on the next, and continue on that system.”

Some of the animals were a little bit hesitant at first but then they all thought about the children, and the feast and all the adventures they could have even with being on the totem pole. Beaver spent his weeks off driving a few trains from Prince Rupert to various different places, and he was very glad. Whale took his weeks off meeting with other whales and happily swimming in the ocean. On Cormorant’s weeks off he drove the watchman boat and caught some fish. Owl took his weeks off by spending time in a zoo, and being admired by many people.

Raven and Watchman were both very pleased that everything had worked out and they both stayed in the village watching over the people and animals. Raven always called the animals back when it was time for them to stand tall on the totem pole.