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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après candy - April 24, 2015

Ravens call continued

    Maybe we can figure this out….
The totem pole comes back with the group of strangers. Then the watchman, beaver, owl, raven, orca will make a new totem pole. When the old poll comes back the new totem pole goes to the museum. They go to Ottawa and get lost in Ottawa. Then they all find the museum and get the totem pole.
        Or the raven and the owl will go to Ottawa and stay there and go in the forest. Than the watchman and the beaver go and look for the raven and owl in Hawaii and huna lulu the watchman and the owl get lost in Hawaii. Than they all find each other and the totem pole in Ottawa they all get back to huna lulu and make sure that it dose not rot or mould and never leave again. The crow will go back on top of the totem pole.