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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après Brinder j - November 24, 2014

Raven’s call ending
Starts after the raven says hey we can figure this out.

Then everybody’s attention was turned to the raven. ‘I have been waiting for your return to the island. I am the one that awakened you.’ ‘’perhaps you can help us solve our problem.’ exclaimed the watcher.

‘’Yes I can’’ said the raven. ‘’by day you have to watch over the village but by night no one says how you have to guard it.’’ ‘’ you’re right’’ said everybody is synchronism.

‘’But during the day won’t we get bored?’’ accused the cormorant. ‘’what’s that’’ asked the bever. then suddenly everybody’s attention shifted to the long house with these invisible wood holes on the outside they all crowded around the window.

‘’I want to stare at that all day ‘’ they all mumbled. ‘’huddle!’’ and they had a plan.

When everybody was in the long house sleeping the beaver snuck in and took the light box, then he hid it in the bush in front of the newly reformed totem pole. Then they watched the tv to pass time until the night.

Then during the night the cormorant guarded the sea around the island in a boat [ That might of been stolen from the fishers.]

The killer whale graded under the water. The watcher watched tv. The owl watched the people which were admiring him.  The beaver flew up the the sky plane and did many other things.

The raven rosted in the tree next to the totem pole.