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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après Mady Macie and Paige - November 18, 2013

They kept arguing finally tge man told the animals that they had to stay as a totem pole to keep tradition for years.  Owl said” I still want to be admired by the people in the village.” Some of the animals of the animals like beaver wanted to drive the train from their trip back to the village.  The killer whale still wanted to go for a swim.  Then they argued again and again.  Finally the man came up with a solution.  “Maybe i could let you go for an hour or so.  The animals agreed on that so the next day the man kept his promise to the animals and let them free for an hour.  Killer Whale swam, beaver chewed some wood to make a train to drive around the island, crane relaxed on the beach and owl stood in the middle of the village being admired.  Finally the animals agreed to be a totem pole.  The next day they would get their revenge!!!!