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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après Elaina Duska - August 3, 2011

The argument grew more and more heated until Raven swooped down towards his bickering companions. He landed on the stump of where the mighty pole once stood. “We belong here.” Raven’s voice was cracked with age and weariness. “We always have. We were created here and shall always belong. No matter where in the world we go, our hearts will beg to be taken back here. This is our only chance.” Beaver thumped his tail in an agitated sort of way. “I want my train! The old ways have ended. The world is changing. No one will want us anymore!” He looked around at his friends, the friends he had had for over 100 years. “Nonsense!” argued the Watchman. “Raven is right. We belong here!” Timidly, Cormorant removed his head from his right wing. He opened his mouth to say something, but Owl gave a screech of disaproval. “Nobody will see me on this stupid island! I want to become a sensation! A star! The most famous man-er owl on the face of the planet!” The Watchman looked stunned. “You…want to be a star.” He repeated letting the words sink in. “You got it dude!” Owl cried back, leaping into the air. “I shall be know as Owl-Man! The singing sensation!” With those words, Owl began to screech a horrible tune with words something like this. “I AM AN OWWWWWLLLL!!!! THE BEST BIRD AROUUUUUUND!! I CAN SING AND DANNNNCE!! I MAKE THE BEST SOUNNNNNND!! I AM A VERY GOOD HUNTERRRRR!!!” He took a breath to begin another verse, but the Watchman yelled “STOP!” After Owl stopped the Watchman glared at the animals. Killer Whale thumped her tail in a sad sort of way. “I don’t want us all to fight.” She murmered. “I just want us to figure out a way we can all be friends again.” Suddenly the bushes rustled and out hobbled an anciant lady. Turning to Owl she began to speak in a shaking voice. “Did I hear you say you want to be a star?” She questioned. “To have everyone see you?” The Watchman was about to interupt, for he knew that this woman was a powerful shaman but before he could speak Owl belted out, “You got it man!” The decrepit lady nodded and raised her arms to the sky. “Your wish is granted Owl, you shall become a star…” Owl felt a strange sensation coming over him. He was rushing upwards, speeding into the sky. His feathers turned a dark blue, the colour of the sky, and his face became a starry outline. He had become a constilation. He tried to cry out that this was not what he wanted, but he found he had no voice. Back down on the ground, his friends watched his journey to the sky. The shaman lowered her arms and turned to Owl’s companions. “And now for you my friends.” She wheezed. The animals, to shocked to complain, did as she said when she told them to get back onto the pole’s stump. She waved her hands again and the pole was once more whole. If you go to Haida Gwaii today, you can still see the friends, staring up into the sky at Owl, now a star for all to gaze upon.