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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après sootsky44 - July 27, 2011

“We have to watch over this place!” the watch man exclaimed it’s our job!”
“Yeah.” The owl said “but isn’t it also our job to show people what a totem pole is and how cool they are?”
“Well, yeah” the watch man said “but this is more important”
Soon everyone was arguing. Some wanted to go back to the museum, some wanted to stay, and Beaver just wanted to drive the train.
Suddenly a raven’s call split the night.
“Maybe” said the dolphin “we can come up with something we all agree on. “
They all thought for a second. No one could think of anything.
“Wait!” cried a small voice suddenly “I have an idea!”
Everyone looked down. It was Lizard. “Maybe” he said “we form a totem here. Then, we can call the museum and tell them that were here! So they can make this place known to others so people can and see us!”
It was a good plan. Everyone liked it, except Beaver.
“But what about my train?” he asked
Everyone thought for a while. Then Cat came up with the answer.
“Well, “she said, licking her paw delicately, “we could build more totem poles and then set up a train that goes around this place so everyone can see them. Beaver could drive it.”
All the totem pole animals looked at Beaver.  He nodded.
So they called the museum, who told people about the totems. Lots of people came to see them, and Beaver drove them all around in his train. And they all lived happily ever after.