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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après Franc Pridohl - June 26, 2011

The Raven’s Call - Franc Pridöhl continuation;

© Franc Pridöhl, 2011

On the shores of what was once Siigaay (now named after the powerful witch Hecate), the Raven stood and lamented about the beginning and the ending, and the ending and the beginning. The Raven thought about all of the life that had been captured by the modern showhouses - a place for people to see, but not to use, or to take home. There were new spirits at work now, producing all sorts of marvels for the people to consume. The metal-machine was taking hold over the land and the sea of the once heralded Earth Mother. The Horned Owl, Beaver, Cormorant, Killer Whale and Watchmen could see this as well. They were not sure if it was better to stay in Tanu, or back at the Royal Ontario Museum, where it was safer.

The Raven opened his wings and flew over the cosmopolitan metropolises of Victoria, Ottawa, and New York and saw the planners hard at work. Through piercing eyes, he saw the plans for pipelines, roads, electro-magnetic towers, clear-cuts, needles, pills, oceanic monstrosities, industrially purified substances, and the attempted control of the dynamic biosphere that they call earth. The spirit of progress and the new world order was approaching, and fast. The proselytizers were duping the people once again, leading them through the clear-cuts of mental retardation, to an eternity of wage slavedom.

The Raven knew the people of Haida Gwaii would not be spared.

In a flash of light, faster than comprehension itself, the Raven returned to Tanu where he left his friends. They were still there, pondering all the life that was lost, all the dreams that had been buried, all the beauty and magic that had been forgotten. A consensus grew among them. The Supernaturals that once invoked their spirits were not as prevalent as they were before. They all agreed that something should be done. Raven transformed into the unimaginable, and sent out beautifully handcrafted wedding invitations to the 289 corners of the world.  All the Supernaturals were invited to celebrate and revel in the consummation of the future and the past, the real and the unreal, and the land and the sea, on K’il (Flatrock Island), where they were all heaped so long ago.

The Horned Owl, Beaver, Cormorant, Killer Whale and Watchmen were all excited. They wanted to meet the things that inspired the people to create them. They were getting old, and wanted the company of friends and relations as they once were. That is what would make them stay at Tanu. They wanted it to be the way it was, the way they had remembered it. Sadness came over the Watchmen’s eyes. The Beaver comforted the Watchmen and reminded him that the Supernaturals were bound to arrive as a result of the Raven’s invitation. 

The following moons were very busy. Horned Owl and Killer Whale were responsible for letting all the people and creatures of the land and sea of and around Haida Gwaii know about the upcoming celebration, Cormorant was responsible for getting all the food together for the party, the Watchmen were put on safety detail, and Beaver was responsible for the frivolities. Raven began constructing his “Monument of Consummation” on K’il. While doing so, Raven came across the old poles still standing at SGang Gwaay, a short distance away.  All the characters were delighted to see Raven and they traded stories, danced, and reveled at the resolutions that were made. There was a delight in the air, that the spirits that were once so powerful may be given strength and guidance, to help transcend their current existence and bring some new life to the area. Some were a little anxious and nervous about the opportunity to see the potential re-creation of what was and might be home, once again.

And then the Supernaturals arrived on K’il, and the celebrations began. It was a wild day.

The Horned Owl, Beaver, Cormorant, Watchmen, Killer Whale and Raven all felt reconnected to what they knew was the reason for life. There was an air of hope with the new magic in the hearts and minds of them and all the people that witnessed the union. They all knew they were a part of the Museum of Existence now, far more lively than the Royal Ontario Museum, the place where that old pole was kept for so many years. This was the life, Raven was proud. The Supernaturals put on quite a show for everyone. Now, could they repeat the spirit of ecstasy that they had witnessed? They felt that is what was needed for them to truly return.