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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après James Shephard - December 9, 2009

“We have to remember our heritage.”, said the Raven. “Not everyone has forgotten. Let me bring you to one of the schools of this island.”. And with that, Raven brought them to GMD, to the Haida classroom. The children were learning their heritage and language. Some were carving and drawing Haida artwork, and others were learning and speaking the Haida language. “You can’t let them down, can you?”, asked the Raven. “I agree, just because there aren’t a lot of people who still remember doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue traditions.”, stated the Watchmen. The animals excitedly agreed. “We can’t let them down. It wouldn’t be fair”. The raven brought them back to where the pole once stood. They got into their positions and, with the raven’s call, became a totem pole once more.