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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après Zach - December 9, 2009

The animals were slowly starting to realize why the watchman wanted to reunite as the totem pole. The watchman  
told them how if they do not become a totem pole they will see the complete destruction of the Haida culture. They all listened to beaver complain about how he wanted to drive the train again they finally shut him up and told him that it was not going to happen again that it was A one time thing. They piled up on the stump of the totem pole that once was but it was too late the magic was no longer there to become a totem pole anymore.
Soon they realized they now either need to find that magic that held them together or go their separate ways they agreed that after the trip they took over here that it had taken too much energy to want to search around for the magic. The watchmen begged and pleaded for them to stay and help him find the magic that held them together but they all went their separate ways and the Haida culture was eventually destroyed.