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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après Grace Cole - December 9, 2009

The raven flew down from his branch. He landed on the empty base of the pole and cawed to quiet the objecting crowd. “You all know your place. But if you have other desires, then feel free to make them happen. Watchmen and I will guard the base of the pole while you are gone.”
“Really?” Owl asked.
“Yes, We’re not going to hold you back, right Watchmen?” The Raven said.
“Sure. You all can go do as you wish, and we’ll stay right here.” The Watchmen agreed.
Owl, Cormorant, Killer Whale, and Beaver left on the next Haida Watch boat that passed by, and took the ferry from Skidegate to Rupert. When they hopped on the train to Prince George, Beaver asked if they had any jobs open for him. They gave him a job as the ticket jockey, and he was satisfied. In Prince George, the animals went their separate ways. Killer whale got a job as an assistant lifeguard in a local swimming pool. Owl and Cormorant got jobs as Scouts for pine beetle amongst the local pine forests.
One day, Beaver was stamping a ticket for a Native American fellow. The guy seemed upset so beaver asked him what was wrong. He said, “My Heritage is dying. I don’t see any Haida art or Haida traditions anywhere! I used to go visit this pole on the Queen Charlotte Islands to remember my ancestors, but when I went there the other day, it was all dismantled! It is such a shame…”
Beaver immediately knew he was talking about his pole, and felt ashamed. When the train stopped in Rupert, he got off. And without looking back, he traveled straight to the pole and took his position as a guard of his heritage.
Out in the bushes, Cormorant and Owl were looking closely at the pine trees. They were deep in the forest and came across a fallen tree. They brushed all the moss off and realized that it was an old Native American totem pole. They were upset that it was just neglected on the ground. It had no spiritual feeling about it and seemed to have lost all its meaning. “What if our pole ends up like that?” Cormorant said.
“We can’t let it get like this…we have to go back!” Owl replied, and Cormorant nodded in agreement.
They traveled back to the Queen Charlotte Islands and greeted Beaver, Watchmen and Raven. They took their final places on the pole.
Back in Prince George, Killer whale was splashing around in the pool when he was hit in the head by a flailing arm. He was knocked unconscious. When he ‘awoke’, he was back in his old ocean home and his great Nonnie was standing before him. “What are you doing, Young one! Why aren’t you back guarding your heritage?”
“I have other interests, Nonnie. I cannot stand on someone else’s head forever!” he replied.
“But it is your duty, you are putting me and your other ancestors to shame with your actions. You need to go back and do what you were born to do, or else you will be ashamed of your actions for the rest of your life.”
“Okay, I understand now. I can’t believe how selfish I was being!” When he awoke from his vision, he went back to the Queen Charlotte Islands and was happy when he saw that all the other animals had retaken their positions on the pole.
He took his spot; the pole stood complete and proud, and continued to watch the Haida land forever.