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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après Alanna Rae - November 25, 2009

The watchman and animals stood there for a fair amount of hours arguing, they then took a vote and out voted watchman. So the watchman sadly got ready to go back to the boring museum thinking to himself that the white people have changed them and they don’t realize they are more beautiful in the quiet village than any busy museum around the world. The animals and the watchman start on their long journey back to the museum all the back in Ontario. Once they got there, they got back into their positions. Watchman thought it was such a disgrace to their heritage and people back on Haida Gwaii. After a few days back the watchman began to cry, with great concerns whale asked him why he was crying and watchman explained that it was disrespectful, hurtful to the Haida people, and it made him sick to his stomach that the animals would rather be in that smelly museum instead of a nice clean and non-polluted air back at Tanu. Within the next few days all the animals thought long and hard about watchman’s words. The final decision was to go back to Haida Gwaii, so once again they all got ready to make the long journey back to Tanu. Once they got back on island they got into proper position’s and they then realized they tower the tree’s, and represented the Haida Nation tall, strong, and most of all beautiful. The Haida then threw a big potlatch for the returning of the totem pole. From then on they knew that was their proper home, and stood proudly there for more generation’s to come.