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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après Eric Phillips - November 25, 2009

The raven called out “now listen, I haven’t brought you all back just to
argue”. They all stood there puzzled not knowing what to say to raven. Then raven said “You can’t assemble yourselves, I need you all to find a partner of your species”. Everyone still had an undefined look on their faces. Whale said “Why?”, then the watchman looked at him and said “because we need to stand here for heritage and culture”. Raven agreed, and everyone left except the watchman because raven wanted to talk to him. “I need you too find two other watchmen that will stand up for us”, raven told the watchman. The watchman quickly agreed and went out too find his partners. Within a couple of hours everyone had a partner and the watchmen brought two. “Now do you all feel inspired?”, the raven called out. Within seconds they were excited, they all knew they couldn’t let raven down. The original pole was almost complete with everyone in the air and all the partners helping keep them straight. “The two watchmen, climb up and sit with your brother, this will complete the pole and protect this land”, raven proclaimed. They looked tall and proud, like no one would take them down. All the partners let go and let the pole balance the raven then said “howaa”, and did a huge call. The pole then froze as if it were before and the raven then knew it was complete. The partners of pole cheered and began to dance around the pole in happiness.