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Comment se termine l'histoire... d'après Vanessa Rose Rice - November 24, 2009

No one knew what to do, since the beaver wanted to drive the train and the owl wanted to stay a totem pole where he’d be seen by a lot of people. While the Watchman, thought that they needed to be a totem pole right where they were. This was when the Killer Whale had a brilliant idea, “We could go back to the museum and bring more of our totem pole friends back with us!” He told the others.
“I don’t see how that would resolve our disagreement,” Watchman replied.
“Would I get to drive the train again?” Exclaimed Beaver.
“Yes Beaver, you very well could bring us there and back. Also, Owl, if we get this place more populated with our artwork, then more of our own peoples would know about us, and they would get to see you up there, looking pretty next to the beautiful trees of our island,” Killer Whale informed them.
So they went back to the museum where the rest of the totem poles still stood. They snuck in their spirit forms, avoiding the unsuspecting onlookers. It took a bit of convincing, but they did get the rest of the spirits to agree to escape from the unfamiliar museum and to return back home with them.
There was plenty of room for all of them on their train, even the larger animals. When they finally got settled in their spot, once they arrived, there was not so much as a single complaint this time around. The Beaver had his fun driving the train around and now he was more than happy to play his important role of being part of the Haida totem pole. People eventually did discover all the rows of the totem poles and the Owl got to be adored just like what he wanted from the beginning. The people had decided to re-build a village where the totem poles were and the Watchman was extremely pleased to be in the place where they belonged.