The Unfinished Story

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How the story ends... according to am31 - April 24, 2015

Raven, frightening in his pale black feathers, calls out over the argument of the crowd (to everyone’s surprise) and says that they must stay as a pole.  Whale, to his chagrin, says “I don’t want to stay as a pole forever though.” Raven continued to say (in a more enthusiastic voice) “I haven’t finished yet. Every 10 years you can go your separate ways for ten days but must return and the end of them.” The Watchman was happy that their problem might have been resolved and says, ”hey that’s not a bad idea”. Everyone smiles and nods in agreement and become a totem pole again, only to go their separate ways 10 years later and then 10 days later they return and become a pole again . The end.