The Unfinished Story

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How the story ends... according to funstuffdance167 - December 4, 2013

the argument grew more and more heated. the raven said, I think we can figure this out. what if we all get what we want, said the raven. beaver could be a train driver in the day, orca could swim all day, owl could fly until he falls and the watchman, cormorant and I could watch the village both night and day. we could make this work if everyone gets back to their spots on the totem pole at nightfall. what if the Europeans come back to take us away???? asked beaver. that won’t happen because if the museum people come back then we all go and attack them and they will never want to come back to our village. said the raven. everyone agreed with raven and since nightfall had come they all got in their totem pole positions and fell asleep. early the next morning all of them were wide awake to make sure that they didn’t get taken away to the museum when they were asleep. they hadn’t got taken away but the Europeans were back to try again. just before they got to the totem pole all the animals flew down and attacked them. after that the Europeans never came back because they were way to scared of getting attacked again. that day the animals were so happy they all stayed to watch over the village all day,but they also agreed that any other day they could do what ever they wanted as long as someone was at the totem pole taking care of the village.