The Unfinished Story

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How the story ends... according to Bproskilled - November 12, 2012

After finally agreeing on what to do with their lives the whale, skunk, human and raven choose to take revenge on the people who cut them down.  The figures decide to steal the museums most prized item, the 50 karat diamond. The raven and company elect the whale to be the team leader of this heist. The team all agree that they have to leave no evidence. The team planned to disable the sentinel security drones and the security cameras so that no trace is left. They entered the building looking like security guards but ended up changing into an all black suits. In the middle of the night they hoisted the diamond up on each other’s back. finally the figures agree that they like doing things together, so they join together to form the totem pole that once was there, however, this time they had the diamond was hoisted at the highest point of the totem pole.