The Unfinished Story

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How the story ends... according to Richard mcleod/Jesus/chuck norris all together - December 9, 2009

more then quarter of the pole wanted to not stand around all day and night.
But the watchmen wanted them to stay saying:“not everyone can stand here for culture you know”
And then it all went downhill for the watchmen from there.
As soon as the watchmen wined again he realized they were all gone before he could notice.
The watchmen now furious with hate and anger went and followed them in his canoe from there. And he found owl in the museum and he convinced owl to come back with a simple cookie bribe.
And it was hard to get everyone else back because they all had to pull beaver off of the train
because he refused to go back.
But the watchmen confused beaver into thinking he will have to go back to the pole.
once on the island they were caught and put back into the museum but after a simple ravens call they came back in the blink of an eye.
But they realized they were missing the cormorant and as soon as that boat passed they saw him waving at them all.“HURRY CATCH CORMORANT!”
in a flash they all blocked the route and caught cormorant.
“nooooooo!” cried cormorant.
“you have to come back its disrespectful”
“alright fine” cormorant replied.
But then the watchmen had been given a shove.
“hey watch it” yelled the watchmen
“nah” said cormorant then they all broke out into a free for all brawl but then Chuck norris came and helped them all into the form of a pole Chuck norris was so tough he did not have to help them.