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How the story ends... according to ShayleneAbrahams23 - December 9, 2009

Watchmen really wants everyone to become a totem pole again. But he doesn’t know what to do. He’s Getting frustrated and tired. he decides to stop thinking for a bit and take a nap.. Watchmen fell asleep. watchmen has a dream about everything and how he works everything out. he wakes up with a really big smile on his face.—> :D and he thinks it over. He thinks for a long long time. Finally.. he calls everyone over. they say whats up watchmen?... do you have a plan for us?.. watchmen say’s “indeed I do” .. he explains it.. “I just want us all to be happy. If you do not agree please speak up… I have a plan I want everyone who wants to be a totem pole beside me. and everyone who does not.. behind me” everyone but Owl went behind him. Owl was beside him. But Owl.. said “I want to be a totem pole in the Museum” watchmen said. “No. so Owl went behind him with everyone else. Watchmen was really upset. he said ” well if thats what you want fine! go do what you want! I can’t stop you from what you want to do”.. everyone was saying sorry to watchmen. They all hugged him and went on with what they were going to go and do. (Watchmen’s dream did not come true.)

    So in my ending. In the end.. there was only the tiniest totem pole. and it was a totem pole of. Watchmen.