The Unfinished Story

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How the story ends... according to Jazmin Furbay! - December 9, 2009

The raven flew away from the argument, desperate to get all of the animals to stay with there totem pole, he flew to near villages of Haida Gwaii and told them of the situation, the Haida people rushed to the poles stump, where all the other animals were and told them of many old stories of there heritage. Owl screeched, and claimed with remorse, “but, I want to be noticed!” they shook there head, and explained how they will celebrate every day, and dance and sing. The owl hooted to itself, and nodded it’s head. The beaver suddenly stepped in “I want to ride the train, holding someone’s butt all day is a waste of time!” The men laughed, and told him of other great adventures he would for see threw his unfortunate events, he nodded, but was unhappy. The whale snapped his tail against the ground in anger, “But I want to swim! I want to be free!” The Haida men laughed, and told them of great heroic stories of how the whale will be cherished, and they will splash water against it everyday… The whale nodded, without remorse, and a grin, the watchmen smiled, then said, “everyone in positions!” and the totem pole stood and mighty and the Haida people came to it everyday and did as they said they would.