The Unfinished Story

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How the story ends... according to Tyra Shaw - November 23, 2009

All of the animals thought that not becoming the pole was what they wanted. They all argued why they did or didnt want to become the pole. The wathmen wanted the pole back to what it was they wanted they also argued about why they didnt want to become the pole again saying there is so much more in this world then watching over the people of haida gwaii. The watchmen said whats greater then watching over the people for many moons to come they all thought long and hard to what he had said and decided to become the pole agian to watch over the land and people of haida gwaii. They also found that they were happier being a totem pole then what they thought they all wanted. Once they seen the people dance and sing having potlatches and enjoying what all the world has to bring. And so they all lived a good life as the pole and watched the people for many years and watched them live their lives the way the should have done in the beggining