The Unfinished Story

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How the story ends... according to Lisa Jarvis - November 18, 2009

The Raven brought them to the next village to learn from another totem pole. When they reached the pole, the Raven called and it came to life. Raven explained that his friends had been in a museum for too long and no longer knew what it meant to have the responsibility of being a totem pole.
  The other pole looked angry and said, “I was raised to honor a chief and when he died, his descendants learned his story from me. I have passed knowledge from generation to generation for thousands of years, teaching them to respect their past. You were wrongfully moved from your place and have lost sight of your purpose. Remember the story you were meant to tell and go back to your place with pride.”
  Owl hung his head, ashamed that he had missed the museum and he and his friends all agreed that they had been selfish. They returned to their stump and arranged themselves in the right order again.