In the Classroom

Explore the concepts of identity and belonging with your class using Grade 4 and Grade 9 lesson plans for combined social studies and visual arts learning, and an all-grades guide to using "The Raven's Call" story and animation.

Photo: Raven, the top figure of “The Celebration of Bill Reid Pole”

"Celebration of
Bill Reid Pole"

The pole was completed
on location at the Bill Reid Gallery
of Northwest Coast Art,
in Vancouver, BC,
on October 23, 2009.
© 2009 James Hart

Lesson Plans

Bill Reid: Exploring Identity

Grade 4

Grade 4 classes focus on the cultural expression of identity by learning about Haida crest animals, myths and jewelry.

PDF version (279 KB)

Bill Reid: Exploring Identity

Grade 9

Grade 9 classes discover how the “Celebration of Bill Reid Pole,” carved by James Hart of Haida Gwaii, represents and honours the life of Bill Reid and his artistic journey.

PDF version (294 KB)

Using the animation

All grades

Here you'll find ideas and suggestions for both younger and older students to examine the animated film, "The Raven's Call," and create an ending for this unfinished story.

PDF version (38 KB)

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